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60+ Empowering DIY Halloween Costumes for Women

By On October 4, 2016

Halloween is my favorite time of year. Why? Because I love costumes, and I love making my own costume. So, if you’re like me and DIY is the only way to go,… Read More

Geek Wear & Gear

My Nerdy Valentine – 50 Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Nerd

By On February 4, 2016

Better Than Roses I’ve assembled a list of 50 nerdy Valentine’s day gift ideas. Each item is a spin on a traditional Valentine’s Day gift of: chocolate/candy wine heart-themed things those Hallmark… Read More


The Accidental Renaissance Art of New Year’s Eve

By On January 6, 2016

Drunk Art History You know that photo of drunk people in Manchester on New Year’s Eve? While it may appear to be just a snapshot of public debauchery, it’s actually a work… Read More


The Strange & Pagan History of Christmas Decorations

By On December 5, 2015

The Origins of Christmas Decorations Christmas isn’t a holiday that you can forget about. Even if you don’t celebrate, you will be surrounded by Christmas in December. People bring trees indoors, tell their… Read More


Vintage Recipes For Your Friendsgiving

By On November 25, 2015

Need A Savory Jello? Try These Vintage Recipes This Thanksgiving, I challenge you to try something new. Well, not really new, I’m challenging you to try something vintage, a vintage recipe. What better… Read More