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On We March – A Playlist

By On January 21, 2017

Maybe you’re joining the Women’s March…. Maybe you need some music to uplift your downtrodden soul… This is the playlist all the nasty girls Do you like the art at the top of… Read More


Empowering Playlist – Walk Like You Got Hotsauce in Your Bag

By On July 19, 2016

You’re walking down the street when that perfect songs starts to stream through your earbuds. Your pace picks up to match to the beat and you’re stomping down the sidewalk like it’s… Read More


Hot Stuff – Martian Soundtrack – Saturday’s Song

By On October 3, 2015

Saturday’s Song of the Week: Hot Stuff  from Donna Summer (& The Martian Soundtrack) Disco is the official music of Mars. So, in the style of the little green men, this Saturday’s Song… Read More


Leave A Trace – Chvrches – Saturday’s Song

By On September 26, 2015

Saturday’s Song of the Week: Leave A Trace by Chvrches   ““I had somebody say to me once, ‘You can’t make the kind of music you’re making and call yourself a feminist.’… Read More

elastic heart

FKA Twigs Elastic Heart – Saturday’s Song

By On September 19, 2015

Saturday’s Song of the Week: Elastic Heart cover by FKA Twigs The Live Lounge covers rarely disappoint, and I really like the direction FKA Twigs takes Elastic Heart by Sia.… Read More