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Badly-Behaved Women of History

Cléo de Mérode: Dancer, Celebrity, and Courtesan

By On May 27, 2016

La Reine de la Belle Epoque The First Celebrities A few years back, I was researching fin-de-siècle art in the university’s archives, when I came upon something I had never before seen… Read More


The Accidental Renaissance Art of New Year’s Eve

By On January 6, 2016

Drunk Art History You know that photo of drunk people in Manchester on New Year’s Eve? While it may appear to be just a snapshot of public debauchery, it’s actually a work… Read More

Visual Arts

The Cheater’s Guide to Being Art Smart

By On November 16, 2015

How to Impress Your Friends in an Art Museum Art history and art criticism are vast subjects that take years of practice and research to truly master. Don’t have time for that?… Read More