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60+ Empowering DIY Halloween Costumes for Women

By On October 4, 2016

Halloween is my favorite time of year. Why? Because I love costumes, and I love making my own costume. So, if you’re like me and DIY is the only way to go,… Read More


Quiz: Can You Name These Period Piece Movies From Just One Scene?

By On July 6, 2016

The Ultimate Quiz for Fans of Historical Dramas  Lovers of period pieces, costume dramas, or historical fiction– show off what you know! How many of these films can you can from just… Read More

Renaissance Period Dramas

Best of Renaissance Period Dramas

By On November 12, 2015

My Favorite Renaissance Movies/TV Series In an on-going attempt to rank the best of period piece movies and TV, I bring you the next installment. I began with the Victorian Era moving backwards chronologically… Read More


The Mighty Spandex Girl: Rules for Cosplay

By On November 9, 2015

Guest Series Costumes, Cosplay and Civility– Part 2: Rules for Cosplay Last week, I attempted to tear down the spandex curtain and reveal the true motivations behind cosplay. This week I will… Read More


The Mighty Spandex Girl: Costume, Cosplay and Civility

By On October 26, 2015

Guest Series Costume, Cosplay and Civility – Part 1: Why We Cosplay I debated kicking off with this post. I feel like so often women in this community are reduced to just… Read More