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Flash Fiction Prompts

20 Story Starters to Get You Writing Again

By On June 9, 2016

Get the Words Flowing Sometimes all you need is a little help. That’s where story starters come in. Those 1-2 sentences give you just the boost you needed to spark your creativity… Read More

goosebumps prompt
Flash Fiction Prompts

The Goosebumps Prompt – Flash Fiction Friday

By On October 30, 2015

Writing a Spooky Blurb It’s Halloween and today we have a spooky prompt to match, and it involves the Goosebumps books. Written by R. L. Stine, who was referred to as Stephen… Read More

Flash Fiction Prompts

Loss and Characterization Prompt – Flash Fiction Friday

By On October 16, 2015

Writing Prompt of the Week: Defined by Loss The Jessica Jones trailer inspired a writing prompt concerning characterization and props. In contrast, this week’s prompt considers characterization by the absence of something. What happens… Read More

fantasy writing prompt
Short Story Prompts

Magic School Prompt – Fiction Friday

By On October 9, 2015

For Those Who Love Harry Potter The magic school has become a standard in fantasy and science fiction. It’s all part of world-building, for what better demonstrates a society’s value than its schools?… Read More

Synthworld Series

Synthworld Series: Sita – (Science) Fiction Friday

By On September 18, 2015

Synthworld Series In the future, people can convert their consciousness from reality to synthetic reality. It started as a game, but for many it has replaced life entirely. Living their lives through their… Read More